Unlock the Confidence to become the Highest Expression of Yourself and Move Forward

Welcome! My name is Cynthia Zeito and I am a certified Transformational Life and Business Coach here for you and your highest expression and success. My coaching practice process empowers people to feel more in control, unstuck, confident, deeply joyful, with an increased capacity for creativity and flexibility. I like to say, “SMALL HINGES SWING BIG DOORS”. 

At times in life we all need support and care in areas of our lives such as love and relationship (self-love is #1), career, business health, finances, and spirituality. 

Behavior change is a fascinating process where I tailor each coaching experience and program to your needs and goals in order that your beautiful mind can produce lasting change in your life and also to push you when you have fallen back into old strategies of acting and thinking. Human beings are dynamic and vibrant – constantly evolving and growing.

For a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session, please contact me at 303.501.6050 or email cynthia@nullawake-coaching.com.

Many thanks and much love always,

~ Cynthia


I loved my experience with Cynthia! She was incredibly safe, and easy to talk to from the first moment we started talking. She made me feel heard and understood the entire time and genuinely guided me through questions that helped me open up more deeply in some of my answers. She has a lot of powerful words and experiences to offer the world and I was so grateful to experience this with her! She is an amazing coach.


I discovered that I could change so fast in 90 days thanks to Cynthia’s support. She held me accountable and made me believe I could do it. I discovered that I crave moving my body and found joy in various movement exercises as well as awareness around self-care and boundaries with my loved ones. I love this positive uplifting self-discovery process with Cynthia! I was able to stop old habits and replace them with healthier ones for my life and my business. Cynthia is an honest, loving, and fantastic transformation coach!

W in Golden, CO.

Vulnerability to me is an important step in transformation. Cynthia makes you feel comfortable and helps you to break down walls so you can progress. She comes up with great questions that make you think about what you want and how to get it. She is very compassionate and genuine which is important to me. One thing that she helped me with was finally letting go of a relationship that was going nowhere. She helped me to realize I deserved to be loved and treated much better. I highly recommend her coaching services to help in anyone’s life challenges.

William in Denver

Cynthia is patient and insightful. With her relentless commitment to realizing my goals, I truly had a partner in my effort. Her coaching guided me right up to my goal, with momentum that still carries it forward. I’m grateful to have spent that time with her, as I now enjoy my revived passion. It’s time for the next phase of my project and Cynthia will be right there with me again.